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Biscuits with Befriend

SO HAPPY to be partnering with @pearlsbakeshoppe and @omegainstitute to debut Biscuits with Befriend – Ted Lasso style! A great way to start a conversation is with these delicious bars – just like Ted Lasso! Many thanks to @pearlsbakeshoppe @kellyshaheenpolk @stormship @just_anniedampy for creating these treats & graphics!

And, immensely grateful to @omegainstitute for inviting Befriend to be a part the workshop, “Cultivating a Kindness Revolution – Ted Lasso style!” The fun begins July 8 with Brene Brown, @danharris, @bodhila, @elizlesser, @dawnmauriciomeditation @moregoodtoday, @jessicamoreycoaching, & @carold1261! 💙💛💚