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Change Rooted in Compassion, Nurtured by Understanding and Seeded in Connection. Befriend believes in the limitless power of our common humanity to make positive change in our lives, communities and the world. When we harness that power by connecting with others whose lives are different from our own, we learn just how much more alike we are. On that common ground, friendships are seeded, compassion grows and transformative change takes root. Our mission is to make those connections, foster understanding and bring us all closer together.


Out and About
Biscuits with Befriend
SO HAPPY to be partnering with @pearlsbakeshoppe and @omegainstitute to debut Biscuits with Befriend - Ted Lasso style! A great way to start a …

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EventJul 08 - 10
Cultivating a Kindness Revolution Workshop

Cultivating a Kindness Revolution. Our own Mollie Reinhart will be speaking @omegainstitute — at the workshop, Cultivating a Kindness Revolution: …

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Get Involved

Come Join Us
We are always discovering new ways that we are more alike than different. Join us for an event now and make a new friend.

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So many ways to Befriend

Being a friend requires no special skills. No official training. All you need is an open heart, a curious mind and whatever time you can share.

Meet Our Compassion Connectors


Befriend is a lifestyle. It's all about showing compassion...