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Befriend connects people across the city to meet one another and forge new relationships by uniting through compassion. Our goal is to create friendships instead of divisions, so that every person can embrace empathy, foster understanding, and build one community for all. Anyone can participate. Everyone belongs. Sign up below

Join the Movement! Become an RVA Compassion Connector — and pledge to build bridges instead of walls. By registering with Befriend, you join a community of people who believe compassion is worth every effort, no matter how big or small. Together, we are fostering friendships and connections while lifting each other up to reach our full potential.

As One Richmond, we can create a more compassionate city. Join us any time!

Compassionate actions can be gestures like opening the door for someone to offering an encouraging word. All efforts make a difference!

And, remember to share what you do on social media – together, we’re RVAStrong.
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